About Us

Kavana Health : Wellness Redefined

There have been defining events throughout history that have changed the face of humanity. The industrial revolution, the space race, Civil Rights, the rise of digital technologies have all been catalysts for world change. In recent years we have seen an increased appetite for positive, healthy lifestyles, together with the blurring of lines between Western and traditional medicines. As more people turn to alternative therapies, CBD has exploded across every aspect of the pursuit of a healthier way to live.

We strive to be the leading-edge ingredient manufacturer in the Industrial Hemp industry. We aim to set the standard in consistency, transparency, and credibility, both in the processes we create, and the products we supply.

As the myths around Industrial Hemp start to dissipate, more and more people are turning to CBD in its various applications. From CBD infused drinks, to beauty and cosmetic lines, to pain relief, clarity and understanding are taking the place of confusion and shams as consumers start to learn what it means to live life with health and wellness.

In an industry just beginning to understand its own place in the health and wellness world, Kavana Health is a leading CBD ingredient and product manufacturer in the Industrial Hemp industry, Our core value, and our vision, is to be the gold standard of consistency, clarity, and credibility in our processes and the products we supply.

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